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Spotter frankenspotter
Spotté à Würzburg, Germany
Date 11-08-2014 16:06

Yesterday I was in Würzburg and to my surprise I saw a lot of great cars. The last times I visited this city I rarely saw some good stuff, but yesterday there was Ferrari- and Lamborghini-stuff and also DBS, MF4 GT, R8 Plus, etc. I think this S 65 Coupé is the second one on the site and its spotworth must be petty high at the moment, ain't it?

Détails de la voiture

Vitesse de pointe 300 KM/H
Accélération 0-100 KM/H 4.10 s
Puissance 630 HP
Couple 1000 Nm @ 2300 RPM
Poids 2185 kg

Nombre de commentaires sur ce spot

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    NETHERLANDS Dave-Jan-Autogespot  -  à 16:11

    Topspot! Awesome car!

  2. Profile pic
    GERMANY LuxurySpottings  -  à 16:32

    This is the toppest spot. Really impressive. Also really sad that I haven't even seen a S 500 :(. Awesome!

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    GERMANY TkR-Carspotting  -  à 17:15

    top! nice one!

  4. Profile pic
    GERMANY Damors  -  à 21:08

    Amazing spot. Even though I dont like the design of this car, but it is at this time amazing to see one.
    And of course very nice pics as always.

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    GERMANY iZagato  -  à 22:23

    Fantastic spot!

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    GERMANY attackR  -  à 11:18

    Beautiful car... Great spot!

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    BELGIUM BernardR  -  à 11:22

    Very nice find!

  8. Profile pic
    BELGIUM yannick-m.  -  à 12:34

    Wow awesome spot!

  9. Profile pic
    BELGIUM Tomskii  -  à 12:34

    Nice pics!

  10. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS den325  -  à 12:57

    Fantastic looking on pics 1 and 6

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    SERBIA gotti_belgrade  -  à 11:27

    WOW Great spot. Very expensive coupe

  12. Cela n'est pas correct.

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