Détails du spot

Spotter kc finsupercars
Spotté à Helsinki, Finland
Date 19-03-2019 21:35

Détails de la voiture

Vitesse de pointe 250 km/u
Accélération 0-100 km/u 5.00 s
Puissance 510 pk
Couple 630 Nm @ 5200 tpm
Poids 2230 kg

Nombre de commentaires sur ce spot

  1. Profile pic
    Carlegends  -  à 21:37

    Nice find and pictures.

  2. Profile pic
    kc  -  à 21:46

    @Carlegends thanks!

  3. Profile pic
    Style  -  à 22:06

    Extremely rare especially in this color!!!

  4. Profile pic
    kc  -  à 22:15

    @Style indeed! This color looks amazing!

  5. Profile pic
    tomasvegh68  -  à 22:57

    Now that's something you don't see everyday! What a rare car, I only seen one lol (yet).

  6. Profile pic
    kc  -  à 23:04

    @tomasvegh68 yep! I have seen this more than once but I've missed it. But I haven't seen this anymore in many years. This is taken in 2016.

  7. Profile pic
    PatrickC  -  à 20:48

    This might just be the only dark-red R63 on the planet! Great find!!

  8. Profile pic
    kc  -  à 21:44

    @PatrickC might really be! Thanks!

  9. Profile pic
    hardstyler  -  à 19:16

    Incredible find! Still waiting to spot my first after all those years I've been an active spotter.

  10. Profile pic
    kc  -  à 22:55

    @hardstyler thanks! I would love to see more!

  11. Profile pic
    Enzo Rhode-Hagen  -  à 11:20

    Love the color!!! And I really like that car, you can bring a lot of stuff and friends in style and with some power.

  12. Cela n'est pas correct.

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