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Spotter yggdrasil BELGIUM
Spotté à Roermond, Netherlands
Date 13-03-2019 22:51

Mooi kleurtje! Spijtig speelde de hevige zon me wat parten... Bleek ook uiteindelijk om een 2017 model te gaan, primeur!

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    ROMANIA bnj2  -  à 02:01

    Nope, this is not a 2017 model, it's a 2018.

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    BELGIUM yggdrasil  -  à 11:16

    @bnj2 what's the difference between the 2017 and the 2018?

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    ROMANIA bnj2  -  à 13:12

    MY15 the original
    MY16 added separate parking brake calipers on the rear.
    MY17 mild interior facelift, replacing the infotainment screen
    MY18 redesigned front and rear bumpers, body colored side skirts and added optional LED headlights

    The MY18 has three exterior lines, Ghibli or base, GranLusso, and GranSport, much like Mercedes had Elegance and Avantgarde lines in the past, which are nothing really but appearance option packages. The GranLusso and the base (like the one in your spot) share the same exterior bumpers design.

    I think the quickest way to tell which is which is from the front. The original's lower grill looks like a frowning mouth, the 2018 base and GranLusso looks like a smiling mouth, and the GranSport looks... well... more sporty, like blades :)

    Also, in the case of SQ4 cars, they've changed sometime in 2017 the Q4 badge (with the red 4) to all chrome an SQ4 badge.

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    BELGIUM yggdrasil  -  à 18:22

    @bnj2 Oh I didn't knew that! Thank you for the information! :p

  5. Cela n'est pas correct.

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