Détails du spot

Spotter Carlegends
Spotté à Dartford, United Kingdom
Date 17-11-2019 20:53

Decent combo.

Détails de la voiture

Vitesse de pointe 283 km/u
Accélération 0-100 km/u 4.30 s
Puissance 550 pk
Couple 680 Nm @ 2500 tpm
Poids 2070 kg

Nombre de commentaires sur ce spot

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    finnishexotics  -  à 21:15

    Awesome shots!

  2. Profile pic
    Maxlarenn  -  à 21:40

    Third shot is very creative!

  3. Profile pic
    MercedesFreak  -  à 03:07

    F-Pace SVR in black looks good!

  4. Profile pic
    LucasH  -  à 10:22

    Great find! Do you and @ Maxlarenn spot together? Or how does that work haha

  5. Profile pic
    Carlegends  -  à 11:40

    Thanks man! @FinnishExotics

  6. Profile pic
    Carlegends  -  à 11:40

    Thanks Tyler! @Maxlarenn

  7. Profile pic
    Carlegends  -  à 11:41

    I agree, especially with those wheels. @MercedesFreak

  8. Profile pic
    Carlegends  -  à 11:43

    Thanks Lucas! And yes recently we have been recently. Mostly when I carspot at Bluewater it’s with him @LucasH (Bluewater is the name of this shopping centre).

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    LucasH  -  à 12:37

    That explains. I thought it couldn’t be a coincidence that you uploaded this but not the Bentley and he uploaded that but not this one. Spotting together is always nice. And funny to hear it’s a shopping center that all these fancy cars come to, I’ve been wondering about that too for a while! Cheers mate

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    Horse-Power  -  à 10:48

    @Carlegends As always Noah, excellent camera work.

  11. Cela n'est pas correct.

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