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Spotter fabianbaege GERMANY fbaek_a
Spotté à Karlsruhe, Germany
Date 26-10-2014 19:02

Edition Merveilleux - One of One, exclusively made for this Chinese - Combo with two other Veyrons! Sorry for the terrible shots, but I was completely overwhelmed by the whole situation!

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    SPAIN DR Photography  -  à 19:10


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    NETHERLANDS tk97  -  à 19:22


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    NETHERLANDS bob98  -  à 19:27


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    OMAN Carsspotter  -  à 19:45

    One of the best combo's I have seen! The car looks amazing with the blue interior

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    BELGIUM NVDS  -  à 21:05

    Hory shet!!!! Awesome interior & combo!!!

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    ALBANIA lolman1504  -  à 10:23


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    Road Runner  -  à 16:20

    Shut the fuck up 'event'. Jesus...

    Great spot! Finally someone saw them!

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    GERMANY fabianbaege  -  à 18:01

    Thank you all guys, especially @Road Runner: That's what I was about to write! Thank you :)

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    NETHERLANDS siebe234  -  à 19:51

    wow 3 buggs

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    CHINA W实拍车友  -  à 01:12


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    GERMANY TheCarhotel  -  à 01:59

    Then why the fuck was my spot of a V12 Zagato deleted? It was the 'road to pebble beach' drive and i saw them in Yosemite Park.
    Either you set the rules and don't make exceptions or you just let it be..
    Nice spot.. seems like your one of the few people who got this trio on cam

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    NETHERLANDS Dave-Jan-Autogespot  -  à 16:48

    Dragon Path Rally 2014

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    NETHERLANDS PageDown  -  à 21:01

    Seems that DPR 2014 has not been seen as an event so I withdraw my earlier comment.
    Happy shooting

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    UNITED KINGDOM Manzodj  -  à 01:22

    I also saw them, but in Milano, Italy
    These Veyrons are something fabulous

  15. Cela n'est pas correct.

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