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Spotter jasper1 NETHERLANDS yourdailysupercar
Spotté à Bal Harbour (FL), United States of America
Date 03-11-2019 20:33

Pretty cool spec on this Bentayga and already my 42nd Bentayge spotted! These cars are selling like crazy!

Détails de la voiture

Vitesse de pointe 270 km/u
Accélération 0-100 km/u 4.80 s
Puissance 435 pk
Couple 900 Nm @ 1000 tpm
Poids 2499 kg

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    NETHERLANDS MercedesFreak  -  à 21:39

    Toffe Bentay!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  -  à 12:48

    @jasper1 Catching 42 Bentayga's is pretty amazing, Jasper. It really shows that no matter what income bracket we come from, these type of vehicles are very popular and are here to stay.

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    PORTUGAL DiogoRR  -  à 17:51

    I think is petrol, not diesel..

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    NETHERLANDS jasper1  -  à 22:01

    @MercedesFreak @Horse-Power Thanks for the comments. I have quite alot of Bentayga's left to upload haha.

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    NETHERLANDS thomcarspotter  -  à 15:29

    Heerlijke kleur!

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    NETHERLANDS jasper1  -  à 14:18

    @DiogoRR The exhaust look like the exhausts on the Diesel model.

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    NETHERLANDS jasper1  -  à 14:20

    @thomcarspotter Ik heb er l redelijk wat gezien maar deze kleur is wel erg gaaf idd.

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Jjrivero  -  à 05:25

    Lovely spec and find! I've only got one lol.

  9. Cela n'est pas correct.

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