Détails du spot

Spotter supercar79 ac_carphotography
Spotté à Saumur, France
Date 12-05-2022 22:42

What a find ! On this afternoon (after horse riding as always), I've decided to go in the city center to see if nice cars were out when I found this beauty. Spec on point. This color is from Rolls-Royce and it is the only one in this color. Huge thanks to the owners for their kindness. British car culture is definitely one of the greatest.

Détails de la voiture

Vitesse de pointe 280 KM/H
Accélération 0-100 KM/H 5.00 s
Puissance 390 HP
Couple 410 Nm @ 5000 RPM
Poids 1570 kg

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    Cela n'est pas correct.

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